Research projects

Current projects : Since December 2017, I am currently the holder of the Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Privacy-preserving and Ethical Analysis of Big Data (2017-2022: 500 000$ of total funding).

In addition, for my research program titled “Protecting location privacy in online and offline contexts”, I am currently the holder of :

Since September 2020, I am co-investigator and responsible of the privacy axis of the DEEL project (DEpendable and Explainable Learning). Since April 2020, I am the principal investigator of a multidisciplinary project funded through the contribution program from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada called “Privacy and Ethics: Understanding the Convergences and Tensions for the Responsible Development of Machine Learning”.

Since May 2018, I am supervising the project Legalia (AUDACE program from FRQ) that aims at a responsible and ethical development of AI in Law. Since 2018, I am also the principal investigator from the Canadian side of an Inria associated team called DATA (for Data and Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability) with the Inria team Privactics.

Past projects : In the past, I have participated to the following research projects:

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